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about KUMA Stationery & Crafts ✧

OUR MISSION: To bring you all cute stationery to brighten your day and boost your journaling or studies 

kuma stationery crafts about


Husband and Wife Team ✌️

KUMA Stationery & Crafts is a husband and wife team that love stationery and animals! (can you tell from our cute red panda logo?🥰)

"I (the wife!) was the one that couldn't wait for Back to School stationery shopping to start off my new school year, it was seriously the most exciting thing ever for me! Until I came across journaling and I was immediately hooked and collected tonnes of pretty journals!"

We've both always had a passion for Japanese kawaii aesthetics too and wanted to incorporate this into our brand.

Our aim is to bring more of our own custom branded stationery goodies - we've already launched the popular KUMA Compact Pencil Case that you guys love so much - which was completely designed and made from the input of our KUMA community 💕

KUMA Stationery & Crafts is also looking into more ways of bringing sustainability to our own products, its important to us to bring you along the journey so we've dedicated a blog space just for that as well as tips from other Instagram journal enthusiasts!


Our team mascots 🥰

KUMA is the O-G off the three, he's the oldest and was the only mascot when KUMA Stationery Crafts was born! (KUMA means Bear in Japanese!)

Then along came Haru & Ren, you wouldn't of think it, but they aren't brothers even though they are inseparable! Haru came first but Kuma wasn't in the mood at all to play or entertain him, being an older cat and all. So we figured he needed another buddy so poor Kuma can rest and enjoy his days of sleeping. 

You'll find Ren wherever Haru is, sleeping next to each other or giving up his kibble for him! Haru however is a free spirit and loves to wander with his fearless nature and has the most cutest meow when asking for cuddles.

haru kuma stationery crafts about us


kuma stationery crafts about


kuma stationery crafts about


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What people are saying about KUMA Stationery & Crafts

They're very pretty, just like the description, they arrived very quickly. I highly recommend.

Everything arrived in great shape. The pens are so cute and look just like in the pictures. I was a bit worried that they might not work or might be dried out but all the ones I tested work great. KUMA Team even added a little page of stickers. What a lovely surprise. I definitely recommend kumastationerycrafts

shipping was faster than expected! quality is good and it looks like the description, so perfect!