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Read from the latest journaling tips & tricks by your favourite influencers as well as free monthly calendars!

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September Freebies!

Aug 28, 2022 

Download your free phone wallpaper and printable!

Back to School Essentials!

Aug 16, 2022 

It's time to get ready for back to school, but where do you get started?We've listed some stationery must-haves and recommendations just for you, whether your on a budget or ready to purchase various stationery items. We've got you sorted.

5 Ways Washi Tape Everyday @positivethoughts.ca 

Apr 21, 2022 

Today, I would like to show you 5 different ways of using washi tapes in everyday life!

How to use Washi Tape @positivethoughts.ca

Apr 06, 2022 

Today, I would like to show you 5 different ways of using washi tapes in bullet journals. I never started using washi tapes until I started bullet journaling, so here’s some of my ideas for you!

"How I found my journaling style" @autumnaldrich

Mar 16, 2022 

"Starting out, my bullet journal consisted of many functional spreads with minimal doodles and lettering. It wasn’t until the later half of 2019 when I began branching out with different themes and layouts..."

Expressing Unique Creativity Through Bullet Journaling @journalsbyclara

Mar 09, 2022 

While I’ve always had a passion for art and design from a young age, I didn’t even know what bullet journaling was until about 3 years ago. What I loved most about it is that you can incorporate simple art into your daily life while staying organized. But how do you start?

Who are the KUMA team?

The KUMA team is a husband and wife team who love anything kawaii (cute!) and anything stationery based. We loved stationery and journaling so much that we decided to set-up a space specializing in just that!...continue reading

The Design Concept: KUMA Compact Pencil Case

We knew we had to incorporate compartments within the design and our main thing we really wanted to add, was a unique space saving concept for all your pens but easy to view and put away as this was something we've never seen in any pencil cases that we had come by....


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